Do I need a permit to use fireworks?

Yes. Any fireworks display, large or small, requires a permit. It is best to leave this part to professionals. Shockwave has the experience, insurance, and licenses to obtain the necessary permits to give you to best display ever.

How much does a display cost?

That depends on a variety of factors. Size, duration, intensity, affects, and location all play a part in determining the cost of an epic Shockwave show. No matter the size, each display is centered around YOU and totally customized┬ábased on your needs and budget. Call us for a free quote today, and we’ll get the party started!

What licenses and permits do I need to shoot fireworks legally?

Private backyard displays are popular, but in most cases very illegal if you do not have a permit. Legally procuring fireworks requires a BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) license. To store and transport fireworks, you’ll need further state permits, a US DOT Number, HazMat┬áRegistration Number, and DOT policy. Furthermore, you’ll need equipment to safely transport, store, discharging, and disposing of fireworks, in addition to quality training. So . . . simply put, it is best to leave it up to the professionals. Fireworks are ridiculously fun, but trust us; a small, unprofessional show is not worth the risk of damaged property, criminal conduct, injury, or worse. You’ll be much, much cooler if you stick with the pros.

Why do some fireworks shows look so similar?

It’s challenging to get a variety of awe-inspiring products and find that sweet spot of spectacular presentation packed in a time period short enough that spectators don’t fall asleep. It is very important to have variety in a show, and many displays lack that. It’s simply not enough to have lots of flashing lights and noise. Variation is key. Repetition kills a show.

What is a fireworks shell?

A shell is typically a spherical or cylindrical unit. The base of the shell contains a actuation charge of “lift” powder, sending it skywards. A fuse ignites this charge, and then ignites a secondary time fuse. The secondary fuse ignites the effect within the firework. From this charge comes the bang and force which sends “stars” from the shell, causing different effects and displays.

Can I shoot fireworks?

Simply put, only if you join a professional company or club and get the training and certification. Contact us if you are interested in employment with fireworks or want to get involved in a fireworks club. We’ve got the hook-ups.